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Online Summer Course: The Power of Islamic Spiritual Coping in Dealing with Disaster

oleh | Jul 5, 2022 | Berita, Summer Course

This course is hosted by Faculty of Medicine Universitas Diponegoro, aims to introduce Islamic spiritual coping in dealing with disaster to nursing and allied-health student. As a country with high risk of many kind disaster. Indonesian have many experience how to deal with disaster. One of the important and common strategy to deal with was by religious approach; Islamic spiritual coping. Due to the current pandemic status in all over the world, the course will be offered online.

Course Period: 19 – 30 September  2022
Type: Self-paced with some Scheduled Course
Credit: 2 credits
Certificate: Yes
Course Language: English
Platform: MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses)
Registration until September 17th, 2022
Course participants must dedicate their time at least 3-6 hours per day (4-5 days/week, 9 days for 2 weeks in total) to follow and study course materials provided. Although it is self-paced, participants expected to finish the course materials at the end of the course period, and there will be scheduled lectures with interactive session provided where the participants can ask questions and interact with the teachers.

This course is designed for undergraduate nursing/ health-allied students. However, postgraduate are also welcome to joint. Please fill and submit the application form https://forms.gle/p2nFxwFV8sCfCTft5 , and following documents before joining the course:

  1. Scanned Passport
  2. Scanned Student Card

This course is FREE.
Introduction to the Course
Introduction to Disaster Nursing
Islamic Spirituality
Islamic Healing
Post disaster mental heath issues: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Uncertainty, Loss and Grieving
Development of Spiritual Interventions in Coping with Post-Disaster
Spiritual Intervention Practice

A certificate which mentioned the credits being earned in this course will be provided at the end of the course, when participants have complete joining course materials and pre/post-tests.
For further information, please contact:
Mr Muhammad Mu’in
Email: muhammadmuin@fk.undip.ac.id




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