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Diponegoro University Medical Faculty Level Pilmapres 2023

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Students with an excellent academic record are often uninterested in developing their soft skills through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, as well as organization. Otherwise, students who are involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as organizations do not have a high academic value. Furthermore, in an open competition era, our university requires a balance of alumni with strong hard and soft skills. As a result, every university should identify students who possess both qualities, and the best of them should be recognized with an excellent student award. To pick the most exceptional student to become “mawapres” at the Faculty level, the Faculty of Medicine organizes a selection process to select students with the highest achievement and some other skills to compete in University.

This “PILMAPRES” has ten students from five different study programs. With three selection panel judges:

Jury for Creative Idea Script :

  1. drg. Aris Setyawan, M.P.H., M.Ked.Klin., Sp.BM (K) TMF-TMD
  2. Dr. Khairul Anam, S.Si., M.Si.
  3. Dr. Luky Dwiantoro, S.Kp., M.Kep.
  4. Fillah Fithra Dieny, S.Gz., M.Si.
  5. dr. Endang Mahati, M.Sc, PhD 

The English jury :

  1. Faizah Fulyani, S.Si, M.Sc., Ph.D
  2. Gemala Anjani, SP, M.Si, PhD
  3. dr. Nani Maharani, M.Si.Med, PhD

Jury of Achievement :

  1. Dr. dr. Neni Susilaningsih, M.Si.
  2. Ns. Dwi Susilawati, M.Kep., Sp.Mat

There are three best students after selection. The winner will be admitted in the University level of “PILMAPRES” in 2023. The three students are as follows :

  1. Nurul Azizah Dian Rahmawati
  2. Katarina Aletta Sahara
  3. Faradilla Hanunaida

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