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The Faculty of Medicine had a “Halal Bihalal” event in 2023.

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The 9th of May, 2023. Still in an atmosphere of joy – “Idul Fitri 1444 H”, the Faculty of Medicine hosted a “Halal Bihalal” event with the tagline “Melestarikan Budaya Silaturahmi mencapai Prestasi Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi”. The event was held in a multipurpose room at Tembalang’s Faculty of Medicine’s A Building. At the time, the event was packed with recitation of the holy Quran, singing Islamic songs, lectures, and forgiving each other with the goal of achieving human “fitrah” in a sacred state in order to achieve working professionalism in the application of “Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.”

The ceremony began with a song performed by an educational staff representative and continued with a “Quran Surat Ali Imron 133-136” chant including instructions on how to find God’s forgiveness.

The ceremony was subsequently opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Dwi Pudjonarko, M.Kes, Sp.S(K): As we all know, the “Lebaran” tradition, “mudik” (returning home after working in another city for a long time), “takbir keliling” (walking around together to tell people that “Lebaran” is coming tomorrow), and “Halal Bihalal” (the day when everyone gathers and forgives each other) are all aspects of Indonesian culture that have survived to the present day. After three years of obeying government rules because to the epidemic, “Alhamdulillah” (statement of thanks from Muslims) this year we may conduct this event luring. “Halal Bihalal” is a sign that depicts our lives that value harmony with all religions. The “Halal Bihalal” phenomenon has already become a culture, a culture to forgive and visit each other, as well as exchanging affection. Ladies and gentlemen, Allah SWT, our God, teaches us that human beings cannot live alone as social creatures and constantly require another person to exist, that life is not to be lived alone, but that we must connect with other people and their surroundings in order to develop his / her identity.” He mentioned this.

Last but not least, the essence of “Halal Bihalal”: “The essence of togetherness is helping each other in virtue and piety, reminding each other in truth, patience, and affection, also reminding each other in faith and togetherness that can be implemented through “silaturahmi,” “silaturahmi” is very noble worship and can carry blessings, also can complete the affection and social interaction between people, hopefully our “silaturahmi” can bring blessings from Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come for all of us to forgive one other and extend forgiveness.” The Dean stated.

KH. Dr. Muhammad Aji Nugroho, Lc., M.Pd.I. submitted the primary action that day as “tausiah” and proceeded with prayer together. His speech about “manusia wajib” was quite effective. “Manusia wajib” are those whose presence must exist, and if he / she does not exist, all of the people around him / her will miss him / her. When others hear his or her name, they will comment on how excellent he or she is. They can feel at ease when other people are around them. That is the individual who benefits, the Professor who publishes a book, the academic community, and other people who are helpful to one another.

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