Accreditation Visitation in the Masters in Nutrition Science Study Program, Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Medicine

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A LAM-PTKes accreditation visitation was carried out at the Master of Nutrition Science study program, Faculty of Medicine (FK) Diponegoro University (UNDIP) on Friday, November 17 2023, one in a series of which took place at the Multipurpose Room, Building A, FK UNDIP. This event was attended by two LAM-PTKes assessors, FK UNDIP leadership, and nutrition science master professors from FK UNDIP. Dr. Ir. Yayuk Farida Baliwati, MS, and Tony Arjuna, S.Gz., M.Nut.Diet., AN., APD., Ph.D. were the assessors assigned to the visitation.

The first address was given by Prof. Dr. Dwi Pudjonarko, M.Kes., Sp.S(K), Dean of FK UNDIP, who stated, “Ladies and gentlemen, accreditation is a non-negotiable process that must be carried out by a study program that is responsible for producing quality graduates.” Graduates will be valuable in society provided the educational process is conducted properly, and all of this may be assessed in terms of accrediting requirements.”As a result, as an institution dedicated to providing excellent and responsible study programs, FK UNDIP is now conducting a visitation process for the Nutrition Science Master’s Study Program,” he stated.

Dr. Yayuk delivered the following speech, in which he described the accreditation process as “starting from submission, adequacy analysis, validated by the validator, then submitting an agreement on the date and schedule of events in the field accreditation process, then the minutes that will be agreed upon will also be validated by the validator in the assembly to get a decision or determination of accreditation status.”

He explained the purpose of the visit, saying, “Today we will continue with a discussion process regarding the contents of the form so that we can confirm that what is there is truly in accordance with the existing conditions, so that later our task will be to discuss the best suggestions for improvement in the coming years.”

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