Diponegoro University, Faculty of Medicine, IPE Workshop

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(Thursday, November 30, 2023) – An IPE Workshop was organized at the Faculty of Medicine. This IPE Workshop was held in the Senate Meeting Room, Building A, Diponegoro University (UNDIP), Faculty of Medicine (FK). This event will serve as a forum for study program leaders to discuss what will be done in the IPE courses that will be introduced the following year. This course will be offered to students in the Dentistry Study Program and the Pharmacy Study Program in 2024.

Because of the complexity of today’s health challenges, which necessitate integrated and coordinated teams, the relevance of IPE is becoming more widely acknowledged. Interprofessional education can take place at several levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and advanced health professional training.

It is important to note that interprofessional education is applicable not only in the healthcare context, but also in a variety of contexts outside of healthcare where interprofessional collaboration can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of teams in dealing with complex problems.

Interprofessional education is intended to help professionals develop open attitudes, appreciate diversity, and collaborate successfully to enhance health services and patient outcomes.

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