Hidayatullah Islamic High School Semarang Makes a Visit to the UNDIP Faculty of Medicine

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Semarang, November 21, 2023. Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Medicine welcomed the visit of Hidayatullah Islamic High School Semarang at Building B of the Faculty of Medicine, namely in the Theatrical Room. This tour was made to gather information on higher level education in order to extend students’ understanding and improve their excitement for pursuing education.

Taufik Nur Hidayat, S.Pd., Deputy Head of Curriculum, expressed thanks for the welcome from the Faculty of Medicine UNDIP in receiving a visit to offer knowledge and new ideas at Diponegoro University, particularly at the Faculty of Medicine. He also stated that similar activity was done out the previous year with the hopes of presenting students with an overview of education in higher education.

Dr. Liha’s greetings

Dr. Mufbayarul Muniroh, M.Si., Med., Ph.D., Head of the Medical Study Program, greeted Hidayatullah Islamic High School, which had chosen the UNDIP Faculty of Medicine as part of its campus visit program, in his address. He discussed the history, study programs, facilities and infrastructure, and other aspects of the UNDIP Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Mufbayarul Muniroh, often known as Doctor Liha, believes that many graduates of Hidayatullah Islamic High School would join together to become students at Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Students were encouraged to take a virtual vacation by watching a video profile that presented the Faculty of Medicine in greater depth on this occasion. Students were also given the opportunity to ask a variety of questions regarding the resource person. Don’t forget that at the end of the session, a group photo was taken as documentation and to conclude the exercise.

Q&A Session

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