General Medicine

Students Association

Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University

Ormawa Secretariat, A Building, First Floor

About Us

General Medicine Students Association at Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Medicine is a student-run organization in the Medical Study Program. This students’ association brings all students together with an emphasis on satisfying the needs that still adhere to “Pedoman Pokok Organisasi (PPO)” and “Garis Besar Haluan Kegiatan Organisasi Kemahasiswaan (GBHK)” at Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Medicine.


The “HIMA KU” Knights of 2023 discover “Sang Aguna Loka


  1. Bring professionalism a reality in the internal “HIMA KU” based on kinship.
  2. Improve the “HIMA KU” creative, appreciative, and educational atmosphere.
  3. Realize an inclusive and regulated “HIMA KU” movement.
  4. Introducing “HIMA KU” usefulness that is obvious and on target.