Period IV Specialist Doctors will graduate in 2023.

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The Faculty of Medicine hosted a ceremony on Monday, November 13, 2023, to send out Specialist Doctors before they were graduating by the University. The events take place in RSG Building A of Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Medicine (FK).

The first address was given by Dr. Selvandega Widi Pramana, Sp.PD, a representative of Specialist Medical Graduates. He conveyed his heartfelt thanks to Allah SWT for allowing him to attend the specialized release occasion. “Today is a witness to us carrying out our duties and responsibilities as academics and graduating as new specialist doctors from FK UNDIP,” he told the crowd.

He also invited us to actively participate in collaboration, saying, “with real responsibility and health services, let’s show that we are ready to show ourselves and collaborate in various situations and conditions because we were born from UNDIP with superior quality and competitiveness that can compete in the world of work at the national and international levels, I am confident that state governments and professional organizations will work together to support us in carrying out our mission.”

Dr. Agoes Ourip Poerwoko, SpOG(K), MARS, the director of medical and nursing services at Kariadi Hospital, gave the following address. He sent a message “to our graduates, on behalf of the directors and staff of RSUP Kariadi, we would like to congratulate you on your success, this success is a blessing and grace from Allah SWT and is an achievement to be proud of, the result of the hard work you have done accompanied by prayers from your parents and family. as well as various parties,” he went on to say.

Interesting facts about nine diseases designated as priority services by the Ministry of Health, “namely cancer, heart disease, stroke, uronephric disease (urology and nephrology), diseases related to maternal and child health, diabetes mellitus, liver disease, respiratory disease and tuberculosis, infectious diseases.” “Those are the 9 diseases that have been determined by the Ministry of Health,” he went on to say.

The speech was then followed by statements by the Dean of FK UNDIP, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dwi Pudjonarko, M.Kes., Sp.S(K). “Being a doctor is a calling, doctors will not get tired of studying and fighting for human civilization, you have seized this opportunity well so that you can continue to practice all this knowledge,” he advised the new graduates of specialist doctors. “The competencies you already have need to be developed in accordance with medical science and technology by paying attention to evidence-based medicine, which will soon shift to precision medicine,” he explained.

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