The UNDIP Faculty of Medicine hosts a workshop on creating integrity zones in clean and serving bureaucratic areas.

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The 23rd of November, 2023. In the Multipurpose Room, Building A, Tembalang, Diponegoro University Faculty of Medicine presented a session on creating a territorial integrity zone free of corruption and a clean and serving bureaucratic area (WBK/WBBM). The UNDIP Faculty of Medicine is committed to creating a work environment free of corruption and high integrity in accordance with Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform Regulation Number 10 of 2019 concerning General Guidelines for the Development of Integrity Zones Towards Corruption-Free Areas.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine delivers the opening speech

Prof. Dr. Dwi Pudjonarko, M.Kes, Sp.S(K), Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, emphasized the Faculty of Medicine UNDIP’s commitment to developing an integrity zone in his address. Building integrity zones, he says, is one of the sub-actions in the bureaucratic reform sector to overcome problems and achieve goals. “The construction of an integrity zone is considered a role model for bureaucratic reform in upholding integrity and quality services,” he went on to say.

This session featured experienced speakers from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Ortala Bureau, Domas Mifta Mudita, S.E. He covered a lot of ground in his talk about the fundamental concept of creating an integrity zone. Starting with objectives, moving on to work unit service identification, WBK/WBBM integrity zone requirements, and so on. Not only that, but Prof. Dr. Nat. tech. Siswo Sumardiono, S.T., M.T, Deputy Dean for Academic and Student Affairs at the Faculty of Engineering UNDIP, a faculty that achieved the title of Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area (WBBM), also shared his experiences in a sharing session with the Faculty of Medicine.

Q&A Session

During the discussion session, workshop attendees actively questioned the presenters about the stages involved in establishing this integrity zone. This demonstrates that the UNDIP Faculty of Medicine is concerned about building a high-integrity work environment. The medical faculty team received a lot of new knowledge during this session, which might become a provision in constructing an integrity zone at the UNDIP Faculty of Medicine.

The establishment of a Corruption-Free Integrity Zone and a Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area (WBK/WBBM) at the UNDIP Faculty of Medicine is a protracted journey toward cultural transformation and best practices in academic and administrative services. The UNDIP Faculty of Medicine has enhanced its status as an educational institution that not only excels in academics but also has high integrity in all aspects of campus life by hosting this workshop.

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