Faculty of Medicine Diponegoro University


On 2024, Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Medicine will become a research-based education center of excellence in the medicine and health sectors.


Providing a high-quality, qualified, and competitive medical and health education program on a national and/or international scale.
Providing research that can result in publications, intellectual property rights, books, policy, and effective and efficient medical and health technology by prioritizing specific advantages on a national and/or international scale.
Providing community service to society by producing publications, intellectual property rights, books, policy, and medical and health technology in order to increase public health degree while prioritizing culture and local resources.
Providing accountable, transparent, and fair higher education governance.


Produce superior graduated doctors and medical workers who are communicative, professional, leadership, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, and change agents.
Produce qualified doctors and health workers who can compete on a national and/or international level. Develop, implement, and produce medical and health innovative research, as well as providing solutions to health problems in society, medical and health industry who contribute for national interest based on Undip characteristics, as well as international scientific publications.
Implementing research findings and community service in the medical and health sectors to improve public health and the nation's progress, as well as developing entrepreneurial spirit and implementing an integrated information system.
Improve the independence of the faculty administration and become an example for another Faculty of Medicine by developing professionalism, capability, and accountability in good faculty governance.


Improve the quality of education in the medical and health sectors so that it is excellent, integrated, and sustainable.
Increase national and international reputation in the student affairs sector, research, community service to society, and long-term publication in the medical and health sector.
Improve the quality of research and publication in reputable international medical and health journals.
Increase the use of IPTEK-based research results in the medical and health sectors, as well as the quality of community service to society (science and technology).
Increase the business contribution unit at the Faculty of Medicine.
Increase the utilization and long-term integration of information systems.
Improve the competence and professionalism of human resources.
Increase long-term collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, both locally and globally.
Increase the capacity and governance of the organization in the areas of efficient administration and finance, accountability, transparency, fairness, integration, and sustainability.