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Stroke Care Improvement Training

Stroke Care Improvement Training

NEUROLOGY, SEMARANG – Stroke is the second leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Stroke is a clinically defined syndrome of acute, focal neurological deficit attributed to cerebrovascular...


UNDIP presents the Meurology Specialist Study Program under the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine, making it one of the leading study programs in Indonesia.


Research & Dedication

dr. Arinta Puspita Wati, Sp.S. (Neurologist at Diponegoro National Hospital): Every 3 Seconds, 1 Person in the World Has Dementia!

NEUROLOGY, SEMARANG - The strength of memory can be influenced by various factors, one of which is age. In aging, with the increasing age of a person, various kinds of chemical processes and...

Faculty of Medicine UNDIP Holds Interactive Lectures with Prof. Dr. Cheng Hwee Ming, University of Malaya

NEUROLOGY, SEMARANG - Faculty of Medicine Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) held a very interesting interactive lecture by inviting guest lecturer who have a global reputation in the field of...



Professor dr. Muhamad Thohar Arifin Develops Functional Neurosurgery Based on Clinical Neuroanatomy

NEUROLOGY, SEMARANG - Advances in medical technology have driven many innovations that all started from basic medical science research. The development of increasingly advanced medical science is...

Dean of Faculty of Medicine UNDIP becomes Professor: MRI is Important for Detecting PMO for Decision Makers

NEUROLOGY, SEMARANG - Examination using Magnetic Ressonance Imaging (MRI) needs to be done as an early detection effort for Micro Bleeding in the Brain. Examination with MRI is important to prevent...

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