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Basic Biomedicine Laboratory

Faculty of Medicine

Diponegoro University

First and fifth floor E building, First floor H building

Basic Biomedicine Laboratory is a key laboratory in the implementation of education (through practice) in the Faculty of Medicine, particularly for the Medical Study Program, Dentistry Study Program, and Pharmacy Study Program. Anatomy Lab, Wet Lab, Dry Lab, Pharmacy Lab (including Pharmacochemistry, Pharmacy Technology, Pharmaceutical Biology, and Microbiology), and Pre Dental Clinic are all part of this laboratory.

Despite its status as an education laboratory, the Basic Medicine Laboratory can also be used for research support by all students, even if they are not Undip students. Some of the instruments available in the Basic Biomedicine Laboratory have proven useful in a variety of studies, particularly experimental ones.

Facility and Service :

  • Facility :
    • Wifi
    • Spacious room
      • Instruments for practice and research, such as a microscope, UV-vis spectrophotometer, power lab, and so on.


    • Service :
      • Praktikum
      • Research