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Laboratory for Animal Experimentation

Faculty of Medicine

Diponegoro University

Laboratory for Animal Experimentation Building, behind B Building

The Laboratory for Animal Experimentation provides assistance to researchers at the Faculty of Medicine, Undip. This laboratory facilitates research involving experimental animal samples, particularly mice and rats. This laboratory can be used not only by Undip students, but also by other researchers. The laboratory provided animal monitoring, sampling, as well as an experimental animal monitoring room, treatment room, and processing room for histopatology. Established in 2018 as a research support laboratory, we currently serve approximately 230 researchers.

Facility & Service :

  • Facility :
    • Animal keeping room
    • Animal treatment room
    • Histopatology processing area
    • Instrument for experimental animal treatment


  • Services :
    • Animal keeping (Mice or rats)
    • Feeding mice or rats using feeding tube
    • Fumigation using cigarette or insect repellent
    • Weighing mice or rats
    • Intramuscular Injection / intraperitoneum / intravena
    • Blood sampling
    • Cut or incise the skin
    • Simple or complex surgery
    • Preparation of histopathological preparate