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Online Health Seminar “Living in Harmony with Epilepsy”

Online Health Seminar | Living in Harmony with Epilepsy

Session Speakers 1

  • Dr. dr. Endang Kustiowati, Sp.N(K), MSi.Med | Topic: Epilepsy Overview
  • dr. Herlina Suryawati, Sp.N(K) | Topic: Recognize the Symptoms of Epilepsy Early on
  • Dr. dr. Alifiani Hikmah Putranti, Sp.A(K) | Topic: Ketogenic Diet in Epilepsy

Session Speakers 2

  • dr. Krisna Tsaniadi, Sp.BS | Topic: Surgical Management of Epilepsy
  • dr. Mahesa Permana Kardis, Sp.KJ | Topic: Psychiatric Disorders in Epilepsy

Moderator | dr. Aris Catur Bintoro, Sp.N(K)

Please join via ZOOM click here or watch on YouTube @rskariadi